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Bleeding Utopia - Agentur EAM

Genre: Melodic death Metal

Andreas Morén – guitar
Joakim Bergros – guitar
David Ahlén – vocals 
Mauro Goreinhaled – drums

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  Since the start in November 2009, one promo disc (2010), A number of gigs, three compilation albums, one full length album (2012) and one scandinavian tour, Bleeding Utopia started In the beginning of 2013 to write their second album ”Darkest Potency”. Nine (9) songs of crushing (melodic) death metal in the era of Amon Amarth, Behemoth, Black Dahlia Murder and At The Gates.  
The new album ”Darkest Potency” (release date: April 30. 2014 by Bleeding Music Records) is darker, heavier, faster and more ”right to the point” than the debut album ”Demons to some Gods to others” (Wormhole death records 2012). Hard ,aggressive , simple-riffing with deep growling vocals, big choruses and epic solos...that is what BLEEDING UTOPIA is all about. BLEEDING UTOPIA teamed up with KEVIN TALLEY (Suffocation, Six feet under, Feared, Battlecross, Daath etc) to record drums on ”Darkest Potency” and audio-genius JOCKE SKOG (Clawfinger, Feared etc ) to mix, master and co-produce this album.  
BLEEDING UTOPIA started out as a side project in 2003 and it wasn't until 2010 that it became a 110% band. The music is inspired by both the early Swedish Death Metal scene, with that characteristic Gothenburg sound, as well as the more aggressive American style which in the end ties together into a good mix of both the aggressive and melodic aspects that is BLEEDING UTOPIA.
With one album released in October 2012 and the second album is now being released the 30th of April 2014 featuring Kevin Talley (Suffocation, Six Feet Under, Battlecross, Feared and many, many more) on the drums and Jocke Skog behind the production, this will be the best BLEEDING UTOPIA album yet! 

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