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Seventribe - Agentur EAM

Genre: Hardcore metal

D-Man – Guitar/Vocals
Mike JR – Drums
Kid Bondage – Guitar
M3 Roadkiller – Guitar
Thaison – Percussion
Andy Hollow - Bass
Moe Fury – Vocals
Davey Minor – Vocals

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  Hardcore-Metal from the harsh scandinavian lands of Sweden.
A 16 fisted punishing machine without mercy. 

Seventribe is all about feelings and emotions, showing that Metal runs deeper than your haircut, your tattoos, clothes or your social status. This is part one of the uniforms which runs in pink - to emphasize this point. If you feel something when you attend a live show, Seventribe counts it as a success and a proof of being trve. What can be more true than feelings and emotions!
And this is part two of the choosing of the color of preference; all humans look the same inside.

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