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Medieval Steel - Agentur EAM

Genre: Metal

Bobby Franklin – Lead vocals
Chris Cook – Drums and vocals
Jack Hardin – Guitar and vocals
Matt Dees – Bass and vocals
Cary Scarbrough – Guitar and vocals

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  MEDIEVAL STEEL was formed in the early 1980’s in Memphis, TN (USA) by a group of musicians that wanted to play the heavy metal music they loved. The band quickly rose in popularity and recorded their now legendary self-titled EP, Medieval Steel. The EP became a global phenomenon and quickly attracted the interest of multiple record labels. In preparation for their signing with one of these labels, Medieval Steel continued to write and record new material which, although it was never officially released, was nevertheless copied by fans of the band from all over the world. Because these songs were copied from listener to listener (and not purchased from the band), Medieval Steel was unaware of the magnitude of their popularity and the significant fan base that was silently growing in other parts of the world outside of their home in Memphis, TN.
Many years later, members of the band were located by some of these fans who, thanks to the internet, were now able to locate and contact the band to tell them of their popularity. When news of this reached the band, they got together again and recorded (and released) the songs that they had written so many years earlier on their second release “The Dungeon Tapes”. The band now had a way to distribute their music directly to their fans, and to track where those fans were. The Dungeon Tapes sold out of its original printing and was sold in approximately 30 different countries across the world.
With the resurgence of the band came offers to travel and perform in Europe, Latin America, and Asia, which the band was all too eager to make happen. However, more music was ready to be recorded and released, and their latest release “Dark Castle” recently was released for sale in June of this year. It also has already sold in multiple countries across the globe in just a short amount of time. The band did travel to Europe for shows in Germany (at their now legendary performance at the Keep It True festival), as well as Greece and Cyprus. They are currently preparing tours in support of Dark Castle, as well as continuing to prepare for yet another release of new material scheduled for 2015.

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