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Celestial Decay - Agentur EAM

Genre: Epic melodic Metal

Hobbe Houshmand – guitars, producer, composer, manager
Freddy Olofsson – guitars, composer, art director 
& various session musicians

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  This swedish symphonic metal-band, formed 2008 in Gothenburg, is about to release their second full-length album; "QuantumX".  
The music partly resembles film-music enclosing an epic story, packed in very beautiful cover-art along with a graphical profile seldom seen in a metal-band. 
As with the debut-album "Contradictum", an album very well received by critics and fans, a big part of the musical experience of QuantumX is the lyrical story.  
This new concept-album, mainly inspired by the world and its slowly decaying progress, abuse of power, war and environmental degradation; offers a non-linear narrative mixed with orchestral elements, different approaches and a truth not always obvious. 
The cinematic input in the music gives the listener an another dimension to explore. 
The songs on QuantumX are specially designed to coorporate to an extended dynamic range.  
Therefor, it covers everything from soft, beautiful ballads to fast, strong and aggressive sections over 200 BPM, while tastefully mixed with progressive, melodic and catchy parts with a little growl-backing vocals in some minor parts. All tracks are also spiced with grand orchestral arrangements which enhances the listening experience.  
Hence, there is something in there for everyone. QuantumX is released in two different versions. CD and the extended digital-version...

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