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The Gifted - Agentur EAM

Genre: Alternative Rock, Industrial

Andy Clarke – vocals, guitars, drums, programming
Gennie Dyson – synths & keyboards
Izzy – bass

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  THE GIFTED are a Sheffield based, Alternative Rock band. Born from disaffection and resentment.
"The new album 'Inside Out' is out now. We are passionate in a passionless society.
We are focused in an apathetic world. Music has become a commodity, a shell of what it was. Plastic faces, glamorising parties for fakes and liars. We are real and we are true. We are the glamorisation of nothing." – Andy, Izzy, and Gennie. The Gifted.

“It is indeed grim up north, but in The Gifted, Yorkshire look like having future industrial rock superstars to call their own” – Devolution Magazine
“The sound of a Blacksmith beating his hammer on the anvil.” – BBC Radio Sheffield
"This is music for the outraged, for anyone feeling that the world is a strange and somewhat convoluted reality. There is a driving urgency to songs such as ‘Why’, ‘Rainbows in the Night Sky’ and the cracking ‘Inside Out’. Dig in and prepare yourself – The Gifted are here to bombard your tympanic membrane and frazzle a few neurons." – Now Then Magazine
“‘Forgive Me' really sets The Gifted apart, not only securing their title as one of Yorkshire's best industrial bands with some potential anthems, but setting a high benchmark for others.” – Soundsphere Magazine
“A tide of melancholic anguish” – Sarah Photism,

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