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King James - Agentur EAM

Genre: Christian Metal / Rock

Rex Carroll – guitars
Jimi Bennett – vocals
Michael Feighan – drums
Benny Ramos – bass & keyboards

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  Formed in 1993, KING JAMES has been called a hard rock super group for good reason. 
In 1993, Rex Carroll (Whitecross) met Jimi Bennett (Sacred Fire) at the Kingdom Bound Festival in Buffalo, New York. Over the next several months they developed a bond of music and friendship. The timing was right; Jimi was looking to put together a new band, whereas Rex was feeling the pull toward new musical horizons. 
As fortune would have it, Stryper was in a down season as well. Rex called Tim Gaines, Jimi called Robert Sweet, and the original line-up of KING JAMES was born. Jimi on lead vocals, Rex on guitar, Robert Sweet on drums, and Tim Gaines on bass, pulling together these members of Stryper, Sacred Fire, and Whitecross.  
KING JAMES recorded one successful album for StarSong in 1994, and toured extensively. 
During a European tour in 1995, they signed with Viva Records. Viva was a smaller label with distribution in Europe, thereby extending the band’s influence. Having experienced a great deal of success in the “80’s metal” days, the musical climate of the 90’s found the band re-inventing itself. In 1997, they penned a new set of hard rock gems – harder, deeper, louder, and reflective of the times. 
Upon its initial release, their second album “The Fall” sold well in Europe. With limited resources from Viva Records, the album was available in the U.S. as an import only. Meanwhile Stryper re-formed, Whitecross was playing together again, and Jimi Bennett started a new band, Viktor, with Louie Weaver (Classic Petra/Petra). 
While KING JAMES was on hiatus, it was never “out-of-sight / out-of-mind.” In fact, the band and their albums have attracted a steadily growing world-wide audience. Interest grew to a point that in 2010 “The Fall” was re-released to an enthusiastic fan base. 
Then, in late 2011, Jimi and Rex met with Memphis-based record label Madison Line Records. It was an easy decision for the label, because
1. there is a loyal audience that is fueling the drive to new albums and more concert tours, and
2. the musical and ministry integrity of KING JAMES has positioned the band for "changing culture, changing lives." 
Rounding out the musical line-up, KING JAMES signaled its intention of being a force to be reckoned with for years to come, by recruiting Benny Ramos (bass) and Michael Feighan (drums) who had been touring with Whitecross (Michael 1991–1995 and 2000–present, Benny 2000–present). Michael and Benny joined Rex and Jimi at the Madison Line Records Launch Party in spring 2012 and this group recorded the new album entitled "MAXIMUS." 
Released in June 2013, MAXIMUS is easily and by far the best album yet from KING JAMES. A total group effort has given us several new hard rock classics, featuring brilliant performances by the entire band. Memorable songs and deeply personal stories are sung with conviction, played with passion, and ready to rock on stages everywhere. John Lawry (Classic Petra/Petra) handled the engineering and mixdown, raising the bar and setting new standards in the process. 
The band is on tour, the album is out, and the news is going viral…

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